Fried Rice Fragranced with Basil

fluffy, moist but never stodgy nor clumpy fried rice

The secret ingredient that makes this so yummy (to smell and eat)?


It might sound weird, but I think basil goes quite well with the prawns, and the herb’s fresh peppery flavour really lends a lovely fragrance to the dish. I love fried rice because it’s easy to make, always yummy, uses up leftovers, great for leftovers, colourful and well-balanced. I think my first blog post here was on fried rice so I shall spare you the recipe but just to say that this time, I scrambled the eggs BEFORE adding the prawns, which helped keep the prawns firm because I think if you cook them first, they tend to get overcooked and lose their texture. Also for the basil – tear leaves into the mix just before you’re done frying.

Yum! And really – the best thing about cooking is that it’s not only fun, but that it also brings immediate gratification. That’s why I love food so much. In most if not all other areas of my life, I tend to take the approach that persevering and delaying gratification gets us to better places. Indeed I grew up hearing my dad say to me and my brother, ‘delay of gratification!’  I know that can make one sound like a repressed individual, hesitant to pursue impulsive desires and whims. For the most part though, I think I’ve bought into my dad’s philosophy. People who are strong are those who are able to delay immediate gratification – and equally, they reward themselves and are kind to themselves. That’s what keeps them from crumbling. So I guess food is, to my relief, one aspect of everyday life where I can just indulge myself! (I have many ‘weaknesses’ when it comes to food… carrot cake, cheeseburgers, potato crisps… but I try to not feel guilty about them because I know that as long as I take them in moderation, and try to maintain a balanced diet and do exercise, then I will be fine :).)

Anyway that was a bit of a ramble – next post – something Western!


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