Here’s to a new year

Happy January!

A lot of things have happened since I last blogged – a lot of good things. The 3 weeks back home, with a short detour to Singapore for a wedding, were fantastic. Every day was spent with friends and family, accompanied by some seriously good (and cheap) food. I do recognise that ‘home’ will invariably be viewed through rose-tinted frames, as it has become more a holiday destination, a place of memory, and, a return to times free of the little things that make ‘growing up’ a little scary sometimes. But I’m happy to take whatever I can get, and feel very blessed that I can go on long-ish holidays without too much stress.

This year I’m hoping to experiment a little more with Asian cuisines and with French cuisine – did I mention that I got a French bistro cookbook for Christmas and have already started making gratins and crepes! Obviously with the French stuff, I’m less at liberty to experiment as I know next to nothing. But yes… maybe a little Chinese/French fusion? Both cuisines are very big on the quality of their sauces and condiments. And both cuisines understand how to cook vegetables well. Two promising starting points…

Anyway just a short, more personal post for now as I roll up my sleeves and get back into blogging about food.

– Sheila


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