A typical meal at home

I thought for a change I would post about a more ordinary meal that is more reflective of what I eat on a daily basis.

There are some incredible bloggers out there who post amazing photos every day, and I don’t know how they do it because it must mean that they cook great, photo-worthy food all the time. These people are dedicated to sharing their creations and keep at it 24/7… which is quite a feat!

I’m definitely not one of those cooks. That’s not to say I think that the stuff I’ve posted here is particularly nice, but I have to confess that what I eat normally is even humbler. This is why I thought I would write a little bit about a typical Chinese dinner I would prepare.

Most meals comprise of 2-3 dishes, served with white rice. Of these dishes, one is meat/seafood-based; the other, a vegetable dish. ¬†Occasionally I like cooking ‘one-pot’ meal like noodles in soup, but I prefer the variety of having several small plates of food to pick and choose from.

Here is an example of a very typical meal:

protein, veg, and carbs

1- Protein: pan-fried salmon with teriyaki style sauce (soy sauce, mirin, sugar, black pepper and salt)

2- Veg: quick stir-fried/blanched green vegetables – I like Romaine lettuce, broccoli, Chinese or Napa cabbage, spinach, kai lan, choi sum

3- Extra dish: egg, for extra protein and because it goes so well with rice

4– Carbs: boiled Thai jasmine rice

(Note: dessert is a must, ha! Usually fruit and one ‘something sweet’ – ice cream, yoghurt, cookies. I find that I need that extra something to make myself feel full — and I know that while that’s not really healthy, I think it’s more important to have everything in moderation and to enjoy eating. In fact I think it’s more important to have a healthy attitude about food than it is to eat necessarily ‘healthy’ foods. People who associate eating and food with guilt, sadness, self-control etc often suffer from some form of eating disorder, so please, be kind to yourselves, and see food as nourishment, not as a tool to order your life. OK rant over!)

So this is the kind of food I normally eat for dinner. What about you guys? Is there a go-to kind of food, or combination of foods that you cook for yourselves/your family?