foods i want to make and eat next

to overcome the inertia of not having blogged in a long time, i thought i would write a few notes about some very tempting foods that i would like to eat in the very near future, rather than write up a Proper post.

some foods that i am salivating over (in my head, at work, on the bus, right before sleep):

Mary Berry’s Chocolate Fondant Tart: looks amazing, reminds me of one of Wolfson College’s take on chocolate tart (probably the best thing the college kitchen is capable of serving)

– garlic and chilli braised spare ribs: i made this up a few weeks ago but didn’t manage to get a good photo because i was too hungry :D. going to make this again and hopefully write about it.

– artichoke, mushroom and spinach lasagne: i recently bought a 9×9 inch square pan (to bake brownies originally), which i belatedly realised could function as a lasagne dish. then while looking up lasagne recipes online i saw one reader’s comment about artichokes and since then, have been near losing sleep at the thought of tender artichokes with layers of cheese, pasta sheets, and tomato… and i only started eating artichokes maybe a year ago.

i love it when food becomes exciting again.