Silken Tofu with Spicy Preserved Vegetable – based on ChiChi Wang’s recipe


Silken Tofu with Spicy Preserved Vegetable Dressing based on ChiChi Wang’s recipe

I recently discovered ChiChi Wang’s recipes through Serious Eats and decided to create a version of her wonderful Silken Tofu with Chilli Oil.

The combination of salty and tangy preserved vegetable with the silky, almost sweet nuttiness of tofu works incredibly well. I love pickled vegetables, especially zhacai (Chinese pickled mustard tubers)!

For reference, I deviated from the original recipe in the following ways:
– The original recipe presents the tofu in slabs; I’ve kept it in a block because I think part of the fun is cutting into the tofu when eating.
– Instead of sprinkling the preserved vegetables and spring onion at the very end as garnish, I cooked them in a combination of sesame oil, light soy sauce, and chilli sauce because I wanted the dish to be warm. A matter of personal preference, really.
– Perhaps the original dish tastes ‘fresher’ especially with its addition of cilantro but I didn’t add cilantro (didn’t have any / felt that the tofu was equally fine without).

This dish was a great part to our vegetarian meal on Sunday – eaten alongside stir-fried garlicky Chinese greens and a preserved egg omelette!


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